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Shop Rates

Shop labor rate (per hour) $48.00
Pack bike for shipping 48.00
New bike assembly 60.00
Tune-up 60.00
Drivetrain cleaning (with tune-up) 25.00
Drivetrain cleaning (without tune-up) 36.00
BMX/Freestyle tune-up 60.00
Overhaul (includes tune-up & drivetrain cleaning & repack or replacement of bearings) 130.00
Build wheel 36.00
True wheel 20.00
Straighten wheel with wheel roller 25.00
Replace/Repair tire or tube (off bike) 4.00
Replace/Repair tire or tube (on bike) 12.00

Repack or Replace (Overhaul)
Wheel bearing (each wheel) 20.00
Headset 20.00
Bottom bracket 20.00

Align rear derailleur hanger 18.00
Align rear triangle 36.00
Straighten head tube 36.00
Fork installation 25.00
Suspension fork installation 30.00
Retap bottom bracket (includes installation of new ball bearings) 36.00
Retap pedal threads 6.00
Ream seat tube 9.00

Computer 12.00
Rack 12.00
Training wheels 12.00
Fenders 24.00
Pedals 2.00
Bar ends 9.00
Foam grips 8.00
Tape handlebars 12.00
Replace chain 6.00
Handlebar conversion 36.00
Replace/Repair cable & adjust 9.00

*Prices current as of March 2006 and subject to change

We are proud of our repair and service work at Honest Bike Shop. We keep skilled mechanics and a full compliment of tools and equipment. Working on bicycles is not taken lightly here. A lot of people think they can work on bikes, but the reality is that bikes today are more complex than before and therefore skilled people and proper tooling is essential. Since there are no vocational schools to fill this need, we train our own. First a mechanic learns to build wheels. Building wheels teaches wheel truing. With straight and true wheels we can teach brake adjustment. Then we can work on making the bike go, because it makes no sense to go if you can't stop. Next comes lots of experience as there is a lot to know about what makes a bike work, what makes a bike work right, and the compatibility of equipment. Again, it starts with wheels and wheel building/truing skills. This takes time and experience and good people with these skills work for something better than minimum wage. We hope you understand. Thank you.

Match price?
Sure we will match price on a retail product that is not serviced. We will not, however, match price on a service or a serviceable retail product. Who is to say that the competition's service is as complete as ours? Who is to say their tune-up or assembly is as detailed as ours is? With the bike sale, does the competitor throw in the kickstand or maybe something else at no charge? Were their salespeople as helpful? What is their record for handling warranty service? Read the article "Our Assembly." How about if we match the price by giving you a bike in the box with no kickstand or warranty? I hope you see our point.

Speaking of comparisons or matching services ... another request we sometimes hear is if we will match a competitor's after sales one year or lifetime service policy. No. Reason #1: I don't hire $5 per hour goofs to slam together bikes. My experienced and good people are paid well for their excellent service. This is important because as a customer you expect a good product that works well and doesn't give you problems. We view unlimited free adjustments as a demonstration of lack of confidence in the initial assembly and product. Reason #2: Our mechanics are good. There is a break-in period, then we will adjust again with a 30-day check and those adjustments should hold with the exception of normal wear and tear and abuse.


Read more about our philosophy on price matching


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