Paul for City Council
Paul Myhrom
for Rochester, Minn.
City Council Ward 1

Vote August 14th

My campaign

I could bore you with more committees and boards, groups and causes that I have served on with general rhetoric about how I stand for transparent and responsible government. We all do. I could also go on about our future infrastructure's need for responsible planning especially concerning DMC. We all agree on that. But I would rather list a few accomplishments I am proud of, and something about how I think and my method of operation. When I served the 1st Ward before, I said I would speak-up and get things done and I did. I didn't just vote "no" and go down on the losing side of issues. I proved that I could think on my feet, do the math, and insure quality projects. In my personal and business life I am accustomed to getting things done.

  1. When I served before, I right away got on the Golden Hill issue. They were annexed into the city and subsequently forced to hook-up to city sewer and water. The cost became excessive upon installation because of the work involved to dig and go through rock. A former council member goofed it up by not notifying constituents of their rightful, timely, appellate process and then said there was nothing he could do. The next councilmember also said she felt their pain but that there was nothing she could do. I ran against her and won. I said I would make it my first issue. I did. I got it settled with an abatement (refund). These citizens / residents were friends and neighbors I grew up with. A lot of these people still live there. Ask them.

  2. Also when I first took office the issue of building the patio behind the Civic Center for $90,000 came before the city council. The council was negative on the idea as they were asking some nitpicking, stupid questions and it looked like it might get shot down. I asked Roy Sutherland what financial gain this might be. He explained how we would gain increased rental and catering income from the Civic Center's Riverview Suites of about $15,000 - $20,000 per year. I said it sounds like a fantastic return on investment to me so let's cut the nonsense and approve it. We did. I can think logically on my feet and I don't like wasting time. For that matter, we have enjoyed "Concerts in the Park" using that patio for 24 years now. Besides being a good R.O.I. it has been a great civic investment as well. Ask Steve Schmidt (Civic Music Director). He was there, too.

  3. One that I am the most proud of however is the South Pointe housing/building project directly north of the airport and west of U.S. 63 Randy Reynolds brought this forth in 1994. Our then mayor was throwing an absolute hissy-fit while advising the council against approval. He was ranting how the city of Richfield was dealing with paying noise abatement and insurance companies because of their proximity to MSP airport and vehemently going on about how we cannot allow this to move forward. All heads were nodding in agreement with this crap. I had to think legally and I had to think fast. I asked our city attorney Terry Adkins about legal protection for the city. He said it was called a hold harmless agreement and that he could prepare it. We then approved it. A lot of affordable homes were built, purchased and enjoyed while accommodating growth and improving our tax base. Ask Randy Reynolds. He was there.

     I speak up and fight for what I believe in and I get things done. I live with the issues at hand such as DMC, affordable housing for my employees, taxes, codes, ordinances, storm water retention and so on. I saw my commercial real estate taxes double from 2014 to 2016. I am very concerned. I need your support, help, and most importantly, your vote. 


Paul and Sharon Myhrom