Paul Myhrom
for Rochester, Minn.
City Council Ward 1

Vote August 14th

Experience, accomplishments and suitability for public office

Civic Involvement
American Legion member since 1985
Eagles Club member since 1985
Elks Club member since 1989
Apple Hill Neighborhood Association member
Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association supporter
Annual donor/supporter of Paws and Claws
Annual donor/supporter of Olmsted History Center
Mayor’s Medal of Honor recipient (awarded 1995)
My name is on the dedication plaques of the library and City Hall for contribution to design and cost control  

Commitment to Education
Supporter of Vocational Education -- ask Dave McCleod (auto repair instructor) I have donated cars, supplies, and equipment for the past 15 years.
Annual donor/supporter of Mayo High School graduation party
Grade school volunteer -- I frequently speak about the importance of math and demonstrate speed math techniques
High School mentor -- Every year I hire a high school student and teach them a worth ethic  

Commitment to the Arts
Former stage actor at Rochester Civic Theater (RCT) and Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC)
Sponsored “Death of a Salesman” and “The Jungle Book” at RCT
Instrumental in obtaining new seating for RCT via CDBG funding in 1994
Wrote, directed and appeared in numerous bike shop TV commercials in the 80s and 90s.
Annual supporter of Art in the Park


I am very proud that…

During my tenure on the council I reversed more issues and votes that I knew were headed in the wrong direction than any other councilmember I served with then or since then.


The smoking in restaurants issue. That one I expected to lose but I wasn’t grandstanding. I believed in it and I wanted the issue to get attention. At the Request for Council Action (RCA) I said that smoking in restaurants was like letting people pee in ½ of the swimming pool. All of the other councilmembers were afraid to touch this and voted my RCA down. This led the way for the smoke-free restaurants and workplaces we all enjoy today. A battle lost, but we won the war. Ask Judge Kevin Lund. He was there.