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Price can be matched, service can't!
Rochester is a medical town so I think you will enjoy this true story regarding price and service.


     I drove a school bus to supplement my income during the early years. Back then, school bus drivers needed a physical every two years to prove they were fit-enough to safely transport children.

     I was a healthy 30-year old when I was due for one in 1986. So, while price-shopping, I found a small-town doctor working out of his home that performed these types of physicals for only $8. Keep in mind that the same physical cost $75 at Olmsted Medical Group, and even more at the Mayo Clinic.

     This doctor lived in an old house close to downtown and when I arrived, he greeted me in his living room. I couldn't help but notice that the furniture and everything else, including him, was old -- almost antique. The TV that he had been watching cartoons on looked like it was from 1955.

     We went into his adjacent office/exam room and it looked like I stepped into a scene from a Frankenstein movie. His old black bag and exam equipment were still there and being used. His exam table and light looked like something he purchased at a 1930 Mayo Clinic auction.

     He asked me some routine questions and then tapped my knees to check my reflexes.

     When I commented on his antique TV, he asked me to read a couple of words printed on his wallpaper, "over yonder," and then said my vision was fine.

     Next, he told me to go to the bathroom and pee in the cup on top of the toilet tank for my urine test. On my way to the bathroom, he mumbled something and I said, "What?"  He then replied, "hearing's fine."

     I peed into a Styrofoam cup that looked like a hundred people had peed in before me. Swishing the pee around in the cup like wine in a wineglass, he then dumped it down the toilet, flushed, and said, "no cooties, everything looks fine."

     He signed-off on the physical and I gave him a ten dollar bill telling him to keep the change and that I appreciated his service.


That doctor is dead now and will remain unnamed, I don't want to tarnish his good reputation. The people in his community revered him. He had delivered practically every baby born in that community since 1930, frequently going out on house calls (remember those?)  in the middle of the night in blinding snowstorms.


I hope this story illustrates an important point about price,  service and value. At the time, an $8 school bus physical was adequate, but now that I am older and more concerned with my health, I don't shop price anymore ... not for my health care or any other service that I value.



Think About This...
If you are in serious legal trouble do you want to shop price when choosing a lawyer?


If you want to look your best for your daughter's or sister's wedding are you going to price shop for a haircut? How about the photographer or caterer? Do you necessarily want the cheapest here too?


Are you going to shop price when it comes to getting your classic car repainted? You can go to a discount paint shop and get it repainted for just a few hundred bucks if you wish.


How about photo-finishing? Or a fishing guide? Some are better than others. Don't ask them to match the price of the next gum shoe (hack) down the street.


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