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Componentry I
We refer to just about everything other than the frame and fork as componentry. Parts such as derailleurs, shifters, hubs, brakes, etc.

Just about every bike you are looking at will be using primarily Shimano componentry.

We are often asked questions such as which components are better than others? I hope this chart helps.

Shimano components

Other manufacturers of components

Found on Bikes Costing...*
Tourney Entry Level $250-$350
Altus   $350-$450
Acera   $400-$500
Alivio   $450-$600
SLX   Expensive Bikes
XT   Expensive Bikes
XTR Best Expensive Bikes

*These price ranges don't always apply accurately to suspension-equipped bikes.

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Other Manufacturers of Components
There are other companies who make brakes, brake levers, seat posts, crank sets, etc. A few are listed here:

Kalloy Stems, handlebars
Tektro Brake and brake levers
SRAM Derailleurs, cranks, and hubs
Campagnolo Italian, very expensive components of very high quality. Hubs, derailleurs, cranks and brakes.
Mavic French, like Campagnolo, expensive but very good.
C-Star Brake and brake lever manufacturer.
Joytech Hub manufacturer.
Alex Rim manufacturer.
Sun Rim manufacturer.
Weinmann Rim manufacturer.

There are a lot of other companies, especially from Taiwan. The Taiwanese make good parts at a low price. Many are alloy and seem to hold up well under wear.

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