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I would like you to have this information and hope you find it helpful. I have never forgotten what it is like to be on the other side of the counter and have great respect for the consumer trying to make an informed purchase. I really appreciate your intelligence, presence and patronage. Thank you.

Honest Paul

About Giant
Giant is the world's leading manufacturer of bicycles. Giant makes more bikes than anyone else. Giant began manufacturing bikes in 1972 for other bike companies to put their name on. In 1988 when Giant introduced a bike of their own with the Giant label on it, they were making 80% of the bikes for Schwinn. In 1988, 1989, and 1990 they made almost all of the bikes for Specialized, and they have made Treks & Fishers for years. Giant's factories in Taiwan and China are clean and state-of-the-art, and because they roll their own frame tubing and make their own bike they always deliver more value dollar for dollar. Giant is a very detailed bike. See the article "Detailers aren't everything".

Start by taking a look at Giant's frames. Giant bike frames are fully butted with all butting done in the factory. Not only do many of Giant's competitors not butt their own tubing, but they will cut corners by not butting a top tube, down tube, seat tubes or seat stay like Giant does every time. Giant ovalizes its frame tubing at the factory. Again, very few companies do this. Ovalized tubing provides a larger weld area which serves to strengthen the frame. Ovalization also reduces the weight by controlling wall thickness where it's needed the most. All Giant ATB's and crossbikes have mono stay seat stays. The result is better rear braking power and control due to reduced flexing. Giant's aluminum frames are custom welded by hand, just like the expensive custom frame makers. Giant has never had a reported aluminum frame failure. Giant uses all heat treated 6000 series aluminum. Heat treating is one extra step that Giant takes to insure frame strength and reliability.

There are a lot of reasons why Giant makes the best bikes in the world. The biggest reason is their manufacturing facilities - arguable the most advanced factory in the world. Giant produces everything under one roof - from drawing, butting, and swagging to welding, heat treating, painting, decaling, assembly and final shipping. All other bicycle manufacturers source out one or many of these production phases. Not Giant. Giant stands alone.

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